2 lovers 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 + 10 days of holiday in Brazil 🇧🇷 + 1 global lockdown 😷 + 3 months of sun 🌞 beach 🏝️ tropical fruit 🥥🥭🍍+ innumerable sex nights ❤️‍🔥 = In ecstasy
Singer-songwriter, salesman & traveller from Latina (Italy). Based in London, playing everywhere!

‘Gaia’ is a love song ❤️, but paying a little bit more attention, it is possible to realise that the story can be read not only as the relationship between two people, but also as the bond between humanity and planet earth 🌍, converting it into an environmental love song.

I was desperately looking for a job for months and finally in May 2018 I found it! As soon as I signed the job contract, I booked a flight to Cancún 🇲🇽. “Ahorita” is the song that I brought back from that trip. The title is taken from a typical Mexican expression that I was constantly hearing during those days and literally means ‘little now’, but it becomes a relative adverb of time; according to the circumstances, it could be ‘just now’ or ‘in a few hours’.

“Una lontananza” is one of the oldest songs of my repertoire. I composed it when I was 16-17 years old to find relief when my girlfriend at that time was leaving for a few months that summer. ‘Una lontananza’ means ‘A distance’ and the separation from my loved one for only a few weeks at that age seemed unbearable to me, in fact I also exaggerated in the sadness of some sentences. The song was almost lost until a few years ago when I decided to sing it again, but I could not remember all the words, so I refurbished it in the way we can now listen to it.

Eva was the name of the Airbnb host of a tiny flat in Copenhagen, where I stayed for the Halloween weekend in 2017. She is/was an inspiring mental coach and I was humming her name while cycling around the city, but the song is not dedicated to her. It is a conversation between the life and me. Funny fact: while ready to take off from the Danish airport, I was searching online for the etymology of ‘Eva’ and I found out that it actually means ‘life’ in Hebrew.

It was one of the last days of February 2018, London was under a thick snow as it wasn’t seen for many years, I was on a bicycle, without a job, without a love and without my family, when I started writing ‘Voglio murì accussì’, my first Neapolitan song.

“La otra noche” was born in Lanzarote (Canary Islands - Spain) the 31st March 2019.

“A book in a club” is a song composed coming back from a trip to Oslo (Norway).

“Libero di volar” is a song about a penis that becomes a bird.

“Transito” has been recorded in London at Fish Factory and Tommaso Colliva (Producer/Engineer)’s Toomi Labs, produced by Fabio Senna, Simone Gallizio and Luciano Fenudi, and mastered at La Maestà by Giovanni Versari (Muse, F. Battiato, Calibro 35).

The first collection of his songs is called “Il viaggio in Renoleta".
Pablo owes his name to a dear family friend, known by his father when he lived in Buenos Aires. Both Argentina and emigration have stuck with him, starting with the title of the project. The "Renoleta" is in fact the Renault 4, so lovingly renamed by the Argentineans (a bit like the Italian "pandino” for Panda), and his grandfather also called it this when he was driving through Campania as a traveling salesman, after he arrived in Italy from South America.
To his grandfather, Pablo dedicated "Don Antonio (della biancheria)”, one of the most touching songs on this album.